Deevabits Green Energy (DGE) is a social enterprise that distributes solar products to off-grid rural areas in Kenya using a last-mile distribution approach of Village Solar Entrepreneurs (VSE).


DGE's mission is to improve energy access to the rural poor in Kenya by empowering women and youth with economic opportunities in the distribution of solar products.

We use an innovative approach of empowering Village Solar Entrepreneurs (VSEs) (youth and women) to establish micro-enterprises distributing solar lamps. The VSEs forms a robust distribution channel of improving access to solar lamps to the remote rural areas; while pay-as-you-go model enables the poorest households to own a solar lamp by paying for it in small installments hence removing the barrier for upfront payment. The VSEs earn income for their family as they provide affordable and clean lighting source for their neighbours and friends. 

As an impact driven social enterprise, we endevour and commit to reinvesting majority of our profits to to achieve sustainability, grow our scale and reach and ensure the fulfillment of our mission.


Managing Director 

David facilitates partnerships; fundraising; need assessment and modifying the business model; and support Business Development.

Mercy Mwirigi 20181114_165355.jpg

Agent Manager


Mercy helps to recruit, train and manage our VSEs and help them educate customers on the features and benefits of our solar lamp products.


Accounts & Administrator


Regina supports us in accounts, sales, financial and administration functions of the company.